Meritage Financial Solutions recognizes the tremendous opportunity in the marketplace to better serve retirement accounts with mid to lower levels of assets that often do not receive the levels of attention afforded to larger accounts. IRA OF AMERICA simplifies the process to provide the same high-quality investment management for accounts of all sizes, at a lower cost.

While suitable for accounts of all sizes, IRA OF AMERICA was designed specifically to accommodate accounts of <$100,000, allowing you to provide high-quality service, while turning this segment of your businesses into a source of profit and time savings.


Six asset allocation models. With six model portfolios – built using the highly academic and time-tested Nobel prize-winning Modern Portfolio theory – IRA OF AMERICA provides exposure to a full spectrum of asset classes. IRA OF AMERICA strives to make allocating assets to well-balanced portfolios as easy as 1-2-3, while enhancing your profitability and increasing revenues.

Exclusive Product Offerings. IRA OF AMERICA offers you access to portfolios built of mutual funds managed with a highly academic investment approach, often not available in other types of IRA accounts.

Low minimum investment requirement of $25,000. IRA OF AMERICA is a low-cost solution for accounts of as little as $25,000, offering significant value to your clients with rollovers or those just starting out.

Practice management tools. Meritage has developed strategies to help transform your smaller IRA accounts into an efficient and profitable segment of your business. IRA OF AMERICA solves some of the most challenging issues of growing your advisory practice.

Proprietary suitability process. Meritage’s proprietary suitability process helps you manage fiduciary liability.

The right price. No longer are IRA accounts <$100,000 a high-cost and heavy-time commitment for you.


For information on growing and better managing your business with IRA OF AMERICA, please contact us at
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