Q: How is Meritage able to provide the same high-quality investment management afforded to large institutions at a lower cost for accounts of all sizes?
A: IRA OF AMERICA is able to provide the highest quality investment management at a low cost by improving efficiency through a variety of tools to make the investment process simple. These tools include our proprietary suitability questionnaire to determine which of six pre-constructed portfolios of mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors is most appropriate for the client, as well as the ease and maintenance of account set-up.


Q: How can I invest in IRA OF AMERICA?
A: Investors may invest in IRA OF AMERICA through their financial advisor. For a list of advisors in your area that offer IRA OF AMERICA, please contact

Q: What are the advantages using IRA OF AMERICA for my retirement savings versus using one of your competitors?
A: IRA OF AMERICA offers many benefits over its competitors, including some of the large mutual fund companies that offer IRA products. IRA OF AMERICA has comparatively low fees, which are fully disclosed to investors. IRA OF AMERICA offers access to six exclusive portfolios of mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors. These portfolios cover the entire risk spectrum, and offer extensive diversification. Portfolios have a slight value and small-cap investment tilt, adding what we believe are important dimensions to investment return. Portfolios remain fully invested and minimize style drift. Portfolios do not use market timing, and all investing is based on mathematical formula filters.


Q: How can I get started enrolling my clients in IRA OF AMERICA?
A: Advisors interested in enrolling clients in IRA OF AMERICA must undergo a required training. To schedule a training, please contact Meritage at 949.481.2429 or

Q: Is it ok to send IRA OF AMERICA’s Form ADV by email to clients?
A: Yes, you may send Form ADVs by email if this is your normal means of communication with the client, however first-time clients must receive hard copies. Please also consider that elderly clients may not have email, so in these instances you’ll need to use mail or hand delivery.

Q: Will my broker-dealer keep all my IRA OF AMERICA paperwork?
A: Your broker-dealer will keep all IRA OF AMERICA paperwork with the exception of the Client Agreement, which Meritage will hold.

Q: Does the The McNamara Group (TMG), Meritage’s operational strategic partner, hold any IRA OF AMERICA paperwork?
A: TMG holds copies of the client agreement only.

Q: Do I need to deliver a prospectus to IRA OF AMERICA clients?
A: Since IRA OF AMERICA is a fee-based account, it is not necessary to deliver a prospectus as advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. Prospectuses need to be delivered on the broker-dealer side for transactional accounts only. There are, however, certain instances (such as if the advisor is dually-registered with their broker-dealer and holds their own RIA) where a prospectus needs to be delivered.

Q: Is the Suitability Questionnaire included in the Client Agreement?
A: Yes.