Meritage’s IRA OF AMERICA offers you access to the same caliber of portfolio management typically only afforded to large institutions, at a potentially lower cost for your rollover and other IRA funds. Meritage is dedicated to providing you with a high-quality, cost-effective solution for managing your hard-earned investment dollars.

IRA OF AMERICA offers investors:

High-quality investment management. Six model portfolios – built of a selection of exclusive mutual funds based investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons – are available to suit your retirement needs. These portfolios are constructed using time-tested, Nobel prize-winning Modern Portfolio theory and asset allocation, the strategy of allocating investments among various asset classes to balance expected risk and reward. IRA OF AMERICA is a sound IRA solution that provides exposure to a full spectrum of asset classes through its carefully constructed model portfolios.

Ongoing monitoring and review. After helping you select the model portfolio most suitable to meeting your retirement needs, your advisor will provide you with ongoing monitoring of your IRA accounts and investment reviews to make sure you stay on track to reach your goals.

An easy-to-use, efficient investment solution. IRA OF AMERICA is available through your financial advisor, and provides you with a prudent plan for your retirement dollars in one convenient account.


Talk to your financial advisor to discuss which of IRA OF AMERICA’s six simple yet powerful model portfolios is appropriate to meet the needs of your rollover or other IRA funds.