Resources for Advisors

Meritage’s founders have spent their careers working with advisors in growing and finding solutions to addressing the most challenging aspects of their businesses. To help advisors better manage and take control of their businesses, Meritage has formed a strategic partnership with Supernova Consulting Group to provide valuable practice management tools. Together, we’ve developed strategies to help you build a successful, efficient advisory practice by setting realistic goals, leveraging your time and creating rituals for efficiency. Our goal is to help you become more organized and proactive, and less reactive in managing your business. As a part of this process, we can help you to use IRA OF AMERICA to help transform smaller IRA accounts into an efficient and profitable segment of your business.

Through our partnership with Supernova Consulting Group, you have access to hands-on assistance in some of the most challenging aspects of building your business:

Team Development

Our practice management strategies include helping get your entire team on the same page with clear visions for each team member’s contribution in reaching your firm’s goals. We’ll help you develop strategies for defining responsibilities and establishing accountabilities that result in happier, more effective teams.

Productivity Improvement

Establishing rituals around your client service, investment and financial planning processes is key to streamlining your practice. We can help you develop and implement systems to enhance your productivity, resulting in more proactive service and guidance for your clients. Let us help you focus on what’s truly important.

Improving the Client Experience

Creating the highest quality client-service experience is essential to retaining and building your business. Our practice management tools include strategies for building systems to deliver high levels of personalized services, while at the same time improving your team’s effectiveness and quality of work life.

Client Segmentation

Client segmentation strategies involve identifying your ideal clients and streamlining your business processes to meet their specific needs, while at the same time meeting the needs of your practice. We’ll help you develop realistic plans so you can spend more time providing better service and protecting yourself from turnover.

Client Acquisition Strategies

Building your business depends on creating and implementing robust marketing plans that include generating relationships with centers of influence, and building trust among clients and prospects. We’ll provide the guidance and the tools to bring the ideal clients to your business, and help you to serve their needs accordingly.

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